Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's have a look on Megan Fox New ad

"Transformers" star Megan Fox is the latest Hollywood celeb appearing in a foreign commercial wherein she puts her her sex appeal to work in this Brazilian foreign-language school CCAA. The ad is about a pair of teenage boys that were wash up on a remote island after a plane crash. They were greeted by Ms. fox and welcome them to "Megan Fox Island, and the whole island is full Megan Fox clones. It's every boy's dream, but the teens does not know how to speak in English thus cannot communicate with Megan. Megan sent them back to the sea and then turned up to another Island -- "Mike Tyson Island", and there's also various clones of Mike Tyson and the Island is not as nice as the previous one.

So, what better way for young Brazilian boys to learn English but on this school. :)

When I stumbled upon this video I find it funny, but I have to admit the ad is good.

Everyone should know English. I don't want to imposed on other people but yes, we should learn it so that we can be able to communicate with other different nation. Yes, one should love their own language but we have to be open minded that there are other races out there and if we go out and maybe go to other country, in order to communicate we have to know or have a good grasp of the English language.

Here in the Philippines, as early as grade school/primary level, English is taught. So, It's more fun here in the Philippines! Because anyone in the Philippines have the basic knowledge of the English knowledge, no communication barrel or whatsoever with the foreigners who would want to take a vacation here.

So, kudos to the ad! I like it :)

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