Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sad news :(

Yesterday, I heard a news that is so tragic.

Every time we listen to the news every other day or just simply reading the newspaper, the content of that is just nothing to us. We would know or have a fair idea on what is the news all about, what happened and the names of the people involved. But if YOU know of someone that is on the news, then it would be different because you know that person and you just can't get enough of the news. You simply have to know all the facts, what happened and how did it happened.

This is the news that simply left me baffled and until now I am waiting of what will happen.

I know one of them and one thing that entered my mind was -- what was he thinking of ?!? Was he thinking at all? I don't blame some of our kababayan's to be mad at them. It was just sheer stupidity -- but forget about the shame they gave to us and to their family. I just felt pity--their life would be wasted if they really are guilty. My heart simply went out to his mom and family. It was just so sad. Don't you feel it? I felt it.

Please, my fellow blogger/s, I know that what they did  is wrong and yes, brought shame to us all, but we are all humans, we make mistakes. Can we just be more compassionate to our fellow Pinoy? Let's not judge them too harshly. 

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  1. What they did is wrong, but sometimes people would do things they think would make their lives a bit easier. I don't judge people that easily but I do hope that these 3 guys won't be put to jail.. :(