Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Movie review of ENTENG ng Ina mo

With all the entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival, my sister wanted to watch Enteng ng Ina mo (I was rooting to watch Segunda Mano. I want to watch horror flicks. But yes, she has a point that most horror films here are not that scary, so I we just watched ENTENG NG INA MO).

It was a 2 hour bus ride from our house just to watched that movie! We we're spending the holidays in our province. So, from our house we would ride a tricycle then ride a bus bound to Naga City. I never watched Enteng Kabisote Series (EK has four movies) but watched all Tanging Ina Series (has three movies). The trailer did not really made me or urged me to watch it the first day it was shown in the movie house. I am not expecting much from the movie but I've read and heard great reviews of the movie so, I just went along with my sis.

At the end... the movie was not that great. I find it tasteless. Yes, there are some parts that I laughed but the movie did not left a great impression on me. The movie is nice since it was starred by two big icon's in the movie industry but at the end I just find it too plain. It's just another movie that made me say, Okay I watched it, BUT watching it once is enough. When would there be another movie, a tagalog/Filipino movie that would pull my heart strings and would make me watched the movie again and again? 

So, that's it, peepz! I don't know if you watched it already, and if we have different opinions -- let's just respect it. I'm just sharing what I thought of the movie ;)

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