Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Bang's Parody on Secret Garden

Have you watched Big Bang's Parody on the popular korean drama's Secret Garden? (it's one of my faves!) It was hilarious! But before watching it, you have to watch SG's TV series first. You won't be able to understand the flow of the story or the humor they are trying to show their audience. So, watch SG first! ( I strongly advise you to do so. I promise you that it's all worth your time. In the beginning it might not capture your interest but as the story goes on you'll be hooked too like moi!)

I was amazed by the way  they act out each of the characters on SG. Everything about the characters's mannerism,  expressions, and even the way they dressed. It was really funny to see Kim Joo-Won (Hyun Bin's) sweat suit again. hehe

What did not sit well with me is on the part where they have to kiss. Okey, it's big bang's parody so they have to act out the characters..but they should have just get a girl to act out Gil Ra Im's character. It really grossed me out to watch two guys kissing ( even if it was a smack kiss-- but then again it's just so wrong. I like Big Bang but after watching it their pedestal just seems to get down from my prespective). And I really pity the guy who have to kiss 2 guys on that parody..

But then again, It's just my opinion. So, don't shoot me. I am just telling you what's on my mind. To each his own-- so whatever's our stand in this..just respect it.

I am not against homosexuals (I have friends on that sector) but after watching made me think-- are they gays? Nothing about it if ever they are but one would think on that route. But if they are-- go for it. We're all open minded now than it were eons ago. BUt if not-- that must have took a lot of guts to film it!

But, nevertheless, Good job guys! ^_^

It was entertaining! But next time if you have to act out a girl's character and if there is kissing involve, give the girl's character to a girl! (Dara from 2ne1 would be great! I'd love to see her with you guys) ^_^

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