Monday, April 25, 2011

I am Legend

***SPOILER alert****
***read with caution. I may have spill out some of the story or what may have happen on the series. If you don't want to know dont read***

A new korean drama would be shown in ABS-CBN (I think it would be taking over MY Princess slot since they only have two weeks to air the tv series) I am Legend. The story would be about the four members of the band. The lead singer will be played by kim jung eun (more known as vivian in Lovers in Paris), the name of the band is Comeback Madonna Band.


The drama portrays Jun Seol Hee (played by Kim) who was the legendary rock singer of a band in high school day, but to support her younger sister she began to work at Korea’s top law firm as a clerk. Then, she met a promising lawyer and lured him to marriage. Unfortunately, she was treated badly by her in-law which finally made her to file for divorced. Starting a new life, she rediscovers her talent in music and sets up to form a new band. Her bandmates are fellow "ahjummas" who have personal problems of their own, and together they search for happiness and personal fulfillment through music.

Me thinks....

> when I saw the teaser of the tv series in ABS-CBN it captured my interest and since it was kim i was curious of the story.
>Being a k-drama fanatic i am always browsing at since I can watch new k-drama there and the english subtitles there are superb! The reviews of my legend on the forums we're not great so I always passby the series. But due to my curiosity I watch a few of the episodes online but THANKS to my cousin she bought a cd of it so I watch it from the beginning until the end!

The series is ok but not great. It made me hanging on with the ending of the story. It was not made clear on if jun end up with jang tae hyun. It made me frustrated...but then again the story is about the lives of the four band members so it's not a  love story of the lead singer..but they should have atleast end it and show that those two end up with each other.

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