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Waaaahhhhhh! One more night to go and we'll bid goodbye to our fave fantaserye Imortal :(

I hope the ending will be good tonight!


Magnus and Imelda was seen crying besides Sam's cremated body and Lydia angrily told Magnus the one who killed Sam. He was the one to be blamed for her death, he bit Lucas, thus turning the latter into a monster. Magnus strangled Lydia. Imelda called called out his name and he let go of Lydia and he ran away.

Marcus went to Mateo (mateo's still trapped inside the coffin)and told him that Sam was killed and the one to be blamed is Mateo. It's all Mateo's fault. He, Marcus will kill the most precious person that Mateo hold dear in his life. He will kill Lia!

Mateo was still trapped inside the coffin and was still trying to get out of it.

Lia was talking with someone at the phone (Vergara I think) and noticed that the door was ajar. She told the person on the phone that someone might be inside the house. She went in, put the phone down the table. Lucas was there inside the house in his monster form.

Lucas told Lia that he can't turn back. He told her that he was pleading for help but Lia never listen to him. Lia asks him where he's hiding Mateo. Lucas angrily shouted that he does not know. Can't she understand him? He needs help from her. Lia asked him what does he want? Lucas just needs Lia beside him forever. Her accepting him even if he's a monster and for her to love him. Lia answered him that she would do that if he would lead them to Mateo. Lucas covered his ears and shouted that he's tired of hearing Mateo's name. So she should stop it right now. He was very angry.

Vergara's group came in and pointed their guns to Lucas. Lia told them they should not kill Lucas yet. They still need Lucas for they don't know where is Mateo. Lucas run off and they chase him.

Lucas and his goons attacked Magnus group, Lydia's camp, Olive's place and in the city. It was televised and Lucille watched it. Now she knew that all along Lia was right.

Jethro tried to get some premonition on how they can win their fight with Lucas. He saw Lia and Mateo bit each other. He told the heads what he saw. Lia was against it since that would mean they would die and that would put her baby  in jeopardy. Clarisse went in with her mom. Lucille and her group kneel known and asked the Punong Bantay to forgive them. Lia told her that she was always looking forward with this day. For their clan to be united and for the former Punong Bantay fighting beside her.

Imelda realizes that Magnus does not care for them after they we're attacked and she was told by Magnus himself that he never did care for her. Imelda told Marcus to free Mateo since they are being attacked and their numbers are dwindling. They need Mateo's strength. But Marcus was against freeing Mateo. After that she went to Lydia's group and told her that they are there to join their ranks, and that they finally realizes that Magnus can't be reasoned with anymore. There are there to be united (with Lydia's vampire and Wayas) and if they are united in fighting Lucas there might be a possibility to get back where they used to be..a peaceful nation.

Lia was roaming some places looking for Mateo.

The attacks were being broadcasted in the tube and the reporters were telling the public what the government's official statement on this matter.There was an outbreak of some unknown virus that was turning people like this. They should not be alarmed. Just stay inside their houses until they resolved this matter. The reporter was seen being dragged out of the screen. The next thing we know Lucas onscreen and giving a speech. He told the viewers that they should not believe what the government was saying. They should believe HIM. He and his group would attack the city and turn those they have bitten like him. But, he would not do it if Lia Ortega would come to him


Lia gave a speech with all the vampire, waya and humans who wants to fight Lucas group. They are fighting for their clan and for peace.

Marcus (beside the coffin where mateo is): Lucas called Lia off in front of all the people who watched the report. But he would also text Lia to come on his lair and save Mateo. He know that Lia would run to save Mateo than look after Lia's clan and all the people for she loves him that much.

mateo still trying to get out to no avail

Lucilled convinced Lia to face Lucas. She and Lucille would go to Marcus lair to save Mateo.

Lucille vs Marcus: they fought with each other and their underling fought with each other. Lucille's underlings won vs his so he run off to get a lance. He was about to throw it to the coffin. Clarissed shouted at hm to stop (she was too weak here. She's a warewolf so why don't she fight back??? she went to a battle and she's unprepared????) she fell down and Marcus was about to throw the lance at her. Lucille stop infront of her. he pierced Lucille with the lance. went back to kill mateo with the lance. Lucille still have the energy to get the lance from him and pull it towards his heart. Marcus died. he turned to dust. Lucille died on clarisse arms and telling her she loves her.

mateo punches the lid of the coffin (about time!)

Lia VS Lucas

Lucas telling Lia if she is ready to be turned like him when she did not go to Marcus to save Mateo. Lia told him that she'll never love him and never go to him.

Lucas raised his hand, Out came Lucas group. Lia smiled and told him she's also ready for him and move her head and her allies went out.

some we're bitten on Lydias group. Imelda died sacrifices herself (no choice. she's surrounded so she detonated the bomb).

yay! here comes mateo riding a motorcycle.

Mateo and LIA VS Lucas

Even if they punched Lucas it was no use. Lucas is too strong for them. Lia was pierced on the chest by LUcas. He went to Mateo and was about to bit him but Lia pulled out the steel and flew and throw it towards Luca. When Lucas was avoiding the the steel Lia threw on his side, Lia grabbed mateo. they ran away.

she told mateo there's no choice they have to be one. Mateo does not agree. Lia told him for their baby they have to do it. Mateo bit Lia. Looks like mateo's gone. Lucas was rejoicing. Lia should be with him since he's now the strongest living creature in the world. Lia told him never ever. Lucas strangle Lia. If he can't have him then he'll send Lia to the other side to be with Mateo. Mateo grabbed Lucas hand and threw him off Lia. Lia's now weak like Mateo. whispered sorry to her unborn child.after a few minutes Lia's strong. Flew off to join the fight. they defeated Luca. They won. get up.  walk a few steps then fell down. their baby telling them she loves her mom and dad.

A few survived the fight.

Lia and Mateo with their baby. Lia telling her child that she would make protect her always. And in the future, humans would accept them.

the end.

*sorry I am sleepy disappointed. The fight was not intense. did not feel it. the waya's should have turned into warewolves. they could snap the necks of their enemies. the fight was all punching and kicking. If I were there and fighting for my life I would not go out there with just a bamboo stick..those monsters are stronger than a mere human or even more stronger than the wayas, they should have brought an armed themselves well. or if they have a sword aim for the necks! Behead them.

*I think carlos agassi's character died. he was not shown with the survivors.

*I don't know why but if Pacman was in the series he would have ended the fight with all of Lucas underlings. It was would have been more pretty interesting if: vampire would leap on the air and slashed the monsters. the wayas turned into werewolves. and the humans should have equiped themselves better. It's just so dead wrong on my prespective.

they should have thought what the characters of the story would have done. we're not living in the middle ages so they can armed themselves better.

But then again. I am not the writer. I am just an audience.

the ending may have not sated my taste but I'll watche the story from the beginning. LObo is still my fave..and this one. maybe they run out of time (got confused by angel's dress. The dress and the flow of the story does not match. It was as if angel recycled what she wore the other day. But then again as I said they must have run out of time to film this). so i'll just bear with it. anyway, can't do with it. It's done! hahaha

I am a kapamilya! so good job guys! more good shows to come ^_^

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