Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've been having problems with my PC. There are a lot of worms on my files. It begun when I used my USB from an internet shop then used it on my PC. My antivirus was AVG but it wasn't able to detect it >_< It was a surprise when a window just popped into my desktop informing me that theres a virus and then linked me into a site where I have to buy an antivirus to correct it >_<

Internet viruses and worms can wreck havok on your PC. The effects: some would simply monitor your web usage; or erase/ corrupt your critical software components; or worst it may make your PC unusable to you.

What to do to avoid having it:

1. install an antivirus
2. Learn to avoid viruses and worms in the first place. ( don't download files from people you don't know or from untrusted website)
3. regularly scan your PC
4. make a backup for the files that are too important to you.

If you're on the same boat as me, wherein you already have worms/virus on your PC, here's what you have to do:

1. Install malwarebytes and superantispyware. Both are free. just install them (just read the instructions. It's easy to follow.) after installing it scan your PC then the program will remove the worms. Then your PC have to be rebooted to completely erase it.
2. Install Avast Anti-virus. It's free ^_^ scan your PC regularly with it (maybe once a week or month. When you put removable drive like USB if there's a virus you will be alerted by the program).

I am completely in love with the internet! You'll get lots of free stuff  :) free ebks, free movies, free software. yay!


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