Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Ganito kami sa Makati"

MAKATI CITY, Philippines - Don't be surprised if traffic enforcers who flag you down in Makati City will speak to you in fluent English.

Some of city's traffic enforcers will study at renowned modeling and charm development school John Robert Powers International to improve their personality and English-language speaking skills, the city government said on Wednesday.

Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. said 30 traffic officers from the Makati Department of Public Safety will attend a 2-day "self-management" workshop at a John Robert Powers' branch in the city on Thursday and Friday.

Binay, in a press statement, said the program is part of the city government's efforts to train civil servants who can deliver world-class public service.

Makati traffic enforcers' training program under John Robert Powers started in 2004. 

"We believe it is wise to invest in developing credible and respectable civil servants, including traffic officers, who can carry themselves with dignity and perform their duties with utmost professionalism even in difficult situations," Binay said.

He added that the program strengthens Makati's bid to become a major tourist destination in Asia.

"With proper training, our front line workers will be better able to interact with local and foreign tourists and exemplify genuine Filipino hospitality, a trait admired by peoples around the world," he said.

During the workshop, the traffic enforcers will learn how to improve their image, as well as their interpersonal and communication skills, according to the city government.

They will then be asked to share what they have learned with their colleagues.

"For this training, we have chosen 30 traffic officers currently assigned to critical areas, including the Central Business District, frequented by foreign diplomats, investors, business executives, and tourists," city government human resources chief Vissia Marie Aldon said. - with a report from Henry Atuelan, dzMM


We don't need English speaking traffic enforcer at all. What we need is to have traffic enforcers who have MORALS! :)

Everybody in the PHI know how to speak English (some may have barok English but a foreigner can still understand what he/she may say or respond to his questions).

It may be just a thing to promote the city to the tourist BUT we already know the language, But if he needs fluent English speakers he must just hire (have higher pay of course) to those who have graduated in college. This way unemployment in the city would decrease :)

and for your information peeps, they bragged that they gave Laptops to their teachers teaching in Makati. So not totally true! The teachers got it as a loan. They have HP Laptops and they have to pay for it for 2years (bawas ata sa sweldo nila or sa allowance. basta ganun.) But if you total the whole amount I think they offered it more cheaper than the prices being offered in a computer shop. SO It was not FREE. It was just a LOAN. :) Free means you don't have to pay anything right?

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