Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to deal with Bashers

It must be hard being a celebrity! All your moves would make the news and your privacy would be invaded. But what's your privacy if you have the fame and fortune that a lot of people are craving for? But even if you're famous and have lots of adoring fans there are also some people that hates some celebrity. Here's some celebrity on how they deal with their haters:

1. Charice - deleted her FB account and blasts her critics on twitter. "To all you great people saying great stuff in front of me, backstabbers, good luck. :) Have a mentos! The fresh maker!! boo :P"

When asked by one of her followers, amirzmusic, why bother with the harsh comments when one cannot please everybody, Charice responded: "@amirzmusic I care because they WERE chasters. :) Of course I care. But now that I found out about it.. Will forget about it."

I think she received a lot of criticisms when she performed on Glee's season Finale Episode where she sang an original song and was praised for her performance BUT her apparent weight gain was also mentioned (on the same sentence).

I think she's still young and must have been hurt (weight issues cut deep :-) )but she must just let go all those negative things being said and just

2. KC Concepcion - "Siguro totoo na hindi lahat ay mamahalin ka, pero okay lang yun. Merong lovers, merong haters. May mga bashers, may mga fans," KC said in an interview in Entertainment Live (E-Live) last Saturday, June 11, in response to the message she tweeted regarding her fans and critics. Last June 7, KC tweeted, "Sa buhay, hindi lahat ng tao mamahalin tayo. Natutunan ko na rin yun...Wala namang perfect sa mundo :) SALAMAT sa mga nagmamahal sa akin.  :)."

She adds, "Syempre, ngayon lang din talaga ako lumusong, ngayon lang din ako sumabak sa trabahong ito. Kahit na dito ako lumaki, iba pa rin yung involved ka talaga at ikaw na yung gumagawa ng pelikula at ikaw na yung gumagawa ng teleserye, ikaw na yung nasa TV."

I really like KC, she seems nice! And her response is so positive! :)

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