Thursday, June 16, 2011

OFW with no pay jumps off NAIA-3 ledge

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) from Taiwan jumped off the departure area at the second floor of the  Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 on Wednesday afternoon. According to the report, NAIA Terminal 3 manager Octavio Lina, the OFW identified as Philip Bryan Siman  was still able to hold on to the ledge for a second but was unable to support his weight and fell some 10 meters on the arrival area below.

Siman arrived from Taiwan on Tuesday night and was supposed to board a Cebu Pacific flight to Iloilo when the incident happened. Based on the information gathered by MIAA doctors,  Siman had issues with his employer, who sent him home without pay.

Relatives of Siman said they were also surprised by his untimely arrival. From what they know, Siman had a 2-year contract with his employer, an operator of a fishing vessel in Taiwan. He was only able to work 9 months, they added. They noted that he was acting weird because he kept repeating that somebody was running after him. They have also been trying to contact Siman's employer in order to get his paycheck and find out what happened in Taiwan.


My condolences to Siman's Family! :(

I really pity the plight of our OFW's, they would give all they have to their work (leaving their family and some would even work eventhough what they studied was way different from the position they are working for e.g Nurse working as caregiver, Teacher working as factory workers etc. ) and it was in the news that unemployment in the PHI was getting less and less! What a lot of bull! And there are lots of OFW's going home with no pay and have no work available for them when they return home! Where do the statistic coming from? From neverland?!

Our President Promised "Pagbabago" (new government, abolishing corrupt government), but where are those empty promises now? Yes, Congratulation! You seems to be a frugal President (it was in the news that they spent less from what they estimated for the month of April or is it May?) That's good! atleast you're proving that you're not like OTHER former President's that would spend our taxes with lavish dinner/lunch "business" or "cabinet meetings" with their subordinates. That's fine. Yes, you're STILL new, you still need time (as what someone said to defend you) As you said, you will not tolerate corrupt officials, but what about your Friend in LTO that has some issues? You're friends must not have lose any sleep knowing that you won't be comfortable to fire them (because you are their buddy). If someone has some scandal/issue they must be suspended! Have a firm grip on your subordinates! To stop corruption if there's even a hint that they are involved in some shady issues! 

Mr. President, Please Open your eyes and ears, Yes there must have been a decrease in unemployment but that's only a small percentage (it must have been 0.01%!!). If there are more job openings here maybe our kababayan's would not opt for a greener pasture! They would be happy being here. Who would not be? All our family and friends are here. 

Watching/reading a news like this is to sad for me! Let us pray for the repose of the soul of  Philip Bryan Siman :(

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