Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I missed the news last night! Finally, Mommy Dionisia showed her birthday gift that she wished for from her son, PACMAN. The Filipino boxing icon and his wife Jinkee, gave her an orange Hermès luxury designer bag that reportedly costs a whopping P1 million.

Mommy Dionisia, as she is popularly called, initially opted to keep the bag hidden from public.
But in an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN’s “TV Patrol” main anchor Korina Sanchez, the Pacmom finally showed to the public the luxury designer bag.

President Erap (one of her 700 guest on her grand and lavish 62nd birthday in General Santos City in May) also gave her an orange  Hermès scarf (The prices of Hermès scarves range from $300 to $800 or around P13,500 to P36,000).

Maybe she likes the color Orange THIS year??? (I thought her fave color is purple?) 

There were some bashers in the social networking when she was interviewed and was asked what does she want for her birthday and she answered to have that luxury bag. Some said that during this time she should just reach out a hand for those who needs some financial help than having that kind of bag and bluntly showing it off to the poor citizens here in the PHI. Some even said that if she have that bag it does not give the bag justice, some said that she should buy an imitation bag in divisoria because her friends in the province won't be able to tell the difference between the imitation bag from the real bag.

I think that it's her right on whatever she wants to have since its their money. If they want to spend it in such expensive bag, we have no say on that matter. PACMAN risk his face for that bag! He was the one fighting on that match and not US so just let them be. Let's leave them alone. It's their life.

Whenever there's some news on Mommy D, I have to watch the news, I don't know but even with all the glitter and money, she still talk the same and just say whatever on her mind. But I think that the next time that she received an expensive gift from her son and daughter in law. She should not talk about it and be a news and be known to the whole citizen. She should just keep it in private since majority of the citizen are in financial crisis and such blatant luxury being shown would received negative criticisms.

Mommy D, I hope you live long, I am just hoping that you should also reach out for the people in your district that needs some financial aid :)

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