Wednesday, June 15, 2011

kakanin from the North

Papa had some pasalubong for us from his visit on his hometown in Santa, Ilocos Sur.

I like the balicucha! It's so sweet! I was hesitant at first to taste it! I thought it would be too HARD to bite it! But it was not! After you took a bite you just can't help but to gobbled it down! and have some more..and more! It made me remember my growing up years when I have to go to the kitchen and look for the calamay where our grandma hid it, and then I'll take a little bite and another little bite again! It's so sweet! We were not usually given a chocolate or ice cream (oh, yeah!  I feel so deprive! But I think NOW my parents did great bringing us up. If they were to give us sweet everyday, then we don't have anything to look forward to when will be the next time that we'll have to eat lots of chocolates and sweets for dessert)  :)
It's just strange that I think the one that we had on bikol, the balicucha is colored brown, but the taste is the same. Next time when I go Home I'll take some pics to compare the two!

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